Sashi Beef - World Champion Steak

James has been a Head Judge at the World Steak Challenge since 2018 and thought it would be a great way for you to experience what has been crowned the World's Best Steak 3 Times!!!

Freygaard is the name of selected high quality food products produced in the Nordic countries. The product range includes beef which has been produced and selected in a way that meets the demands for:
• Eating quality
• Animal welfare
• Food safety
• Environmental, sustainable production

Finland is the world’s most northern agricultural country. All cattle are born, raised and
slaughtered in Finland. Based on family farm traditions, Finnish beef production, livestock density and farm size are still moderate compared to other EU countries, with only 1% of the cattle in the EU living in and being slaughtered in Finland. Finland, also known as the land of the 1000 lakes, in fact has 187,188 lakes, which is more than any other country in the world, relative to its size. Finland is one of only two EU countries which has a zero -tolerance policy for salmonella. This means that test are carried out not only amongst the herds at the farms, but also on the carcasses and the equipment at the abattoir. Cattle feeding is based on grass, and the use of growth hormones is completely forbidden. The quality of the beef depends on the following:

• Age of the cattle at the time of slaughter
• Age of the cattle at the time of slaughter
• Pasture
• PH-Level
• Fat cover and marbling
• The chilling process of the carcasses
For most, quality meat equates to tenderness, succulence and taste. Due to the criteria above, the Freygaard products possess all 3 of these characteristics, and many more.
The selection process means that only a small number of the already limited cattle are approved. This is the reason why Freygaard beef is something that is truly unique, and only available in a limited quantity.
At the annual World Steak Championship competition, beef from the Freygaard series has been crowned as the best beef in the world for three years, consecutively.
If you want quality in all its forms, Freygaard is the natural choice.

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