Chicken Kiev

Chicken Kiev

Prepared fresh in-store by our team, our Chicken kiev’s are covered in our delicious, seasoned breadcrumbs and packed with creamy garlic butter. 

Made using our free-range chicken breast, you are guaranteed high-quality and fresh produce, allowing you to enjoy every bite of this infamous main.  

Part of our oven-ready range, from fresh pies and sausage rolls to trays of meatballs, we have a wide selection to choose from to make cooking quick, unprocessed meals easy.  

All our chicken is organically fed and locally sourced from the best farms in the area and delivered straight to our shop. 

Each portion contains one kiev and is designed to serve 1 person.


We're taking donations to help those charities providing humanitarian support for Ukraine.  

You can contribute to our KIEVS4KYIV by adding your donation here. Please note this isn't a physical item, just your donation.  

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