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James of Shepperton

We’ve been letting the good people of Surrey have us all to themselves, but recently we’ve discovered this thing called the internet. Now we’re ready to bring our responsibly sourced and meticulously prepared meat to the whole of the UK

James of Shepperton


I have been using James of Shepperton now for over 7 years, ever since I have moved to Shepperton.

I find the quality of the meat and the service excellent. It’s nice to know where your food comes from and also I like to keep business local.

The choice of meat is extensive and the difference in taste is so much better than your standard "supermarket" meat.

I would recommend anyone to visit James Of Shepperton and give it a try for quality, value, knowledge and service.

Carli Weston

I've been buying Meat from James Lally for 15 years, he was one of the first people to offer dry aged beef, one of the first to source from "Named" farms who could tell you where the product was actually from and when it was killed.

All this way before it became fashionable. From my perspective if I need to guarantee a good result or impress someone with a meal - I go to James first. But don't take my word for it, his rib was a regular appearance at a well known Michelin Starred restaurant for many years !

Without a doubt some of the best meat I have found around London, in the most unlikely of locations.

James Williams

James of Shepperton meat is the most succulent and delicious meat I have every had...

I also did their Butchers course which was an awesome night learning about butchery and taking all the meat home to cook - a great shop with great butchers.

I highly recommend!

Kerry Camden

Quite simply the best butchers there is.

The great atmosphere among the staff, the pasties are fantastic along with the selection of meats on offer.

Can’t recommend highly enough. It’s the heart of the high street

Jonathan Weeks